Sarah Rojas, MD, PhD

Photo of Dr. Sarah Rojas

Sarah Rojas, MD, MAS, AAHIVM

Assistant Medical Director, Laura Rodriguez Research Institute, FHCSD

Dr. Sarah Rojas completed her medical and research training through the University of California, San Diego’s School of Medicine, Health Equity (PRIME-HEq) Program. Dedicated to underserved medicine and social justice, she completed residency training at FHCSD, a large and diverse Federally Qualified Health Center system. There, she continues to serve vulnerable populations, specifically those living with infectious diseases, i.e. HIV, Hepatitis, those with substance use, and racial, ethnic, sexual and gender minorities, in one-on-one medical visits. Concurrently, Dr. Rojas partners as an investigator on research focused on translating and implementing science’s best approaches to reach those traditionally underrepresented in research.

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