Do you need Data Analytic Assistance?

The Health Data Analytics Group (HDAG) provides high-quality data management and analytic services to researchers. Our data management expertise includes database design and implementation, data processing, and data quality control to ensure valid and precise data. Our team also has the expertise to design and perform quantitative analyses such as power/sample size calculation and biostatistical analyses.

1. Consultation for research study design (e.g., Randomized control trial [RCT] clustered or with stratification, Experimental, Stepped wedge, Factorial) and randomization techniques (e.g. block, stratification, etc.)

2. Data Management 

  • Database design and setup consultation
  • Training and consultation for data processing
    • Data cleaning (including sensor data cleaning)
    • Variable transformation (e.g., recode and compute variables)
  • Assistance for data manipulation (e.g., dataset merging, dataset reshape [wide to long; long to wide]) 

3. Quantitative Data analyses (please note that the HDAG team will expect the data to be cleaned prior to submission for data analysis)

  • Power and sample size calculation
  • Biostatistical data analysis
    • Comparing means (e.g., t-tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA…etc.)
    • Regression models (e.g., linear, logistics, binary, ordinal, count and other outcomes)
    • Multivariate models 
    • Multilevel mixed effect models (e.g., mixed-effects linear regression, mixed-effects non-linear regression; cluster adjustment for clustered randomized control trials)
    • Repeated measure analysis/Longitudinal data analysis (e.g., Generalized estimating equations [GEE], Generalized linear models [GLM])
    • Mediation analysis
    • Complex-weighted survey analysis
    • Survival analysis
    • Measurement error models
    • Analysis using missing imputation

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Meet theTeam

Chii-Dean “Joey” Lin

Ph.D. in Statistics
SDSU Dept of Mathematics & Statistics
Lead Biostatistician and Co-Leader of the Health Data Analytic Group at the 
SDSU HealthLINK Center

Shih-Fan “Sam” Lin

 DrPH in Health Promotion

Research Scientist
Adjunct Associate Professor
SDSU School of Public Health


Co-Leader of the Health Data Analytic Group & Measurement Methods Group at the SDSU HealthLINK Center


Yaritza Benitez
MPH Candidate

Data Analytic and Measurement Coordinator