Meet Our Team

With over 70 individuals on the team and growing, the SDSU HealthLINK Center consists of multidisciplinary faculty, members of our partner organizations, administrative and technical staff at SDSU, SDSU IV and SDSU Research Foundation, SDSU & SDSU IV students, and volunteers. Our team is committed to the vision of inspiring transformational and collaborative research that promotes health equity and well-being for all people and communities.

Administrative Team

Oversees the management of agreements, budgets, facilities and equipment. The team plans meetings and events, sets long-term goals, and evaluates the overall operations of the Center.

Research Infrastructure Team

Serves as the hub for minority health and health disparities research at the Center, including basic biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and population health research. The team oversees five groups that each specialize in an area of research—biomedical methods, measurement methods, health sensor methods, intervention methods, and data analytic methods.  Each group is developing services and resources that will facilitate research at SDSU & SDSU IV.

Community Engagement Team

Fosters long-term meaningful relationships with organizational partners and peer institutions in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Formal partnerships have been established with two Federally Qualified Health Centers—Innercare, formerly Clínicas de Salud del Pueblo, Inc., in Imperial County and Family Health Centers of San Diego in San Diego County, as well as the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency.

Investigator Development Team

Administers our Pilot Project and Mentorship program that supports junior investigators at SDSU & SDSU IV with funding and mentorship on developing their programs of research at SDSU & SDSU IV. This team also directs career enhancement activities including seminars and workshops that are open to the public.

Research Project: Excessive Body Weight and Ovarian Cancer

The goal of this research project is to understand the role of excessive body weight in making ovarian cancer worse and whether treatments like chemotherapy will work.

Research Project: Goal Oriented Activity for Latinos with Spine Pain (GOALS/Metas)

The goal of this research project is to develop an effective tele-rehabilitation approach to help with pain management.