Resources & Services

Our Center is preparing to offer resources and services to meet a variety of research needs. These resources and services will be available to the SDSU and SDSU Research Foundation research communities and our partner organizations through cost recovery services.

Research Services – Coming Soon

These services will be offered at a cost and the Center will work with you to budget services into your grant and contract applications, as well as your funded studies. For additional information about where our research services will be located, visit our Alvarado Facilities webpage.

Biomedical Methods: This group can assist researchers by providing information about biospecimen (for example, saliva and blood) collection, processing, storage and analysis services.

Measurement Methods: This group can assist researchers in selecting technologies for their data collection (both quantitative and qualitative), identifying surveys for their research, and providing referrals for translation of surveys for other language groups. Among the technologies available through the Center, include: ilumivu for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap Cloud) for survey and other types of data collection, Qualtrics for survey data collection, and Teleform services for data entry.

Health Sensor Methods: This group can assist researchers with wireless, wearable and ambient sensor technology for data collection and intervention research, as well as the development of mobile applications.

Intervention Methods: This group can assist researchers seeking to develop new or adapt existing evidence-based interventions for different populations and settings, including through the use of qualitative research methods such as focus groups and interviews. This group also can assist researchers seeking to plan for dissemination and sustainability of evidence-based intervention.

Health Data Analytics: This group can assist researchers with developing methods for data management and data sharing, generating estimated sample sizes and analytic plans for grant applications, and analyzing existing data.

We are working on the development of our services and estimated costs for these services. As such, we are unable to provide estimates to researchers at this time. However, if you would like a letter of support for a grant application to indicate that, if funded, you may decide to rebudget to use our services, please submit a request here.

Health Science Research Portal – Coming Soon

The SDSU HealthLINK Center Health Science Research Portal is being designed to offer web-based tools and resources to facilitate research, training, and collaboration in basic biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and population-based minority health and health disparities research. Using multiple content management systems, our Health Science Research Portal will help scientific collaboration by allowing researchers to host analytic tools, publish data, share resources, and build collaborative communities. The SDSU HealthLINK Center Health Science Research Portal will feature:

An online repository to catalog, share, and archive scholarly, training, and research-related resources in support of minority health and health disparities research. The online repository will feature sharable technical reports, lab and field protocols, surveys, analytic code, data models, data sources, training materials, research webinars, mentorship information, and more.

A searchable online directory of SDSU investigator profiles, publications, and research funding to facilitate networking and transdisciplinary research collaboration, available through Profiles Research Networking Software (ProfilesRNS).

A data center to archive, manage, and analyze health data. Our data center will be able to archive, manage, and analyze sensitive data from electronic health records requiring HIPAA protection and non-sensitive environmental, socioeconomic, and other health data. The data center will feature a web-based health data integration system, as well as mobile applications, for researchers to collect and upload data for storage and analysis.

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