Physical Assessment Training and Support

  • The BBHP Lab is equipped with standard measuring equipment to facilitate collection of body measurements (height, weight, body mass index (BMI), body circumferences (waist and hip) and health indicators (such as serial blood pressure and heart rate). The list of equipment includes but not limited to Shorr height measuring boards, Seca floor scales, Gulick II tape measures, OMRON blood pressure monitors, aerobic steppers, metronomes, and POLAR heart rate monitors. Equipment loan services for field research are also available.
  • Submaximal exercise testing to assess cardiovascular fitness by measuring heart rate and recovery parameters using the Three Minute Step Test (TMST).
  • To advance the collection of valid, reliable data, the BBHP lab provides standardized training and certification to perform human body and health indicators measurements, and/or fitness assessments (TMST) using evidence-based protocols.
  • Space for physical assessments (e.g., anthropometrics, physical fitness assessment). The BBHP Lab is a facility over 800 sq.ft. that houses a data collection and measurement room, a multipurpose area, waiting area, shared research spaces, and a private restroom with participant lockers.
  • Body composition and bone health assessments using DXA – the BBHP lab has a new Lunar iDXA with an advanced technology that provides quality for research grade projects in bone health and body composition (i.e., fat and lean mass distribution) across all body types.

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Meet theTeam

Noe Crespo, PhD

RCC Co-Leader and Bio-Behavioral and Human Performance Group Leader.

Claudia Carrizosa, MD

 Bio-Behavioral and Human Performance Group Coordinator